3D Mammography: What It Is And Why You Should Have One

For women age 40 and over, an annual screening mammogram is the best weapon for early detection of breast cancer. A mammogram is essentially when an x-ray of the chest is taken and then examined by a medical doctor to evaluate. They can use this x-ray to discern if there are any abnormalities present and whether or not they could be cancerous.

One type of mammogram that is now offered is 3D mammography. 

What is 3D mammography?

3D mammography, also known as breast tomosynthesis, is a major advancement in women’s healthcare that was approved by the FDA in 2011. It is an innovative technology that gives a composite image of x-rays. Composite images consist of one image made up of multiple small images, which, in turn creates a 3D look at the tissue inside of the breast. 

How is 3D mammography different from traditional mammography?

With traditional mammography, medical experts are limited to a flat image of the breast. With 3D mammography there are multiple x-ray images taken from various angles. The images are then used to create a digital rendering of the breast tissue that is 3-dimensional. 

This dynamic look at the internal tissue allows medical professionals a much clearer picture than ever before. The ability to have this “behind the scenes” look at the body is a considerable advantage when it comes to making an early diagnosis of breast cancer. 

Why should I get a 3D mammogram?

Breast cancer has a much better prognosis if it is caught and treated early. Since the advent of mammogram screening, deaths from breast cancer have been significantly reduced. Because 3D mammograms give a much clearer picture of the breast tissue than traditional mammography, early intervention is all the more possible. In fact, radiologists make far fewer false-positives and false-negative readings using 3D mammograms. 

This conciseness in screening is why any woman who has an annual mammogram should consider electing for a 3D mammogram at their next appointment. This is especially true for women who have dense breast tissue, are over the age of 65, or are at high risk for breast cancer. 

Are there any risks associated with 3D mammography?

Because 3D mammograms involve having x-rays done, there is an amount of radiation involved. However, the levels are the same as that of having a traditional mammogram. There is no increased risk over traditional mammograms. 

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