How To Get The Most Out Of Your Prenatal Healthcare

Pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can also bring uncertainties and concern. Getting top-quality prenatal care will not only help your baby, but it will also give you peace of mind. The following are seven ways to get the most out of your prenatal healthcare.

Seek care as soon as possible

As soon as you suspect that you’re pregnant, seek out a qualified obstetrician. Whether you have used an at-home test or not, a visit to a physician will confirm your pregnancy. A professional can start you on the best track for a healthy delivery. There are a lot of things to consider when preparing for your baby, and professional prenatal care is where you need to start.

Be honest about past and present issues

Your obstetrician will be your advisor during your pregnancy. Sometimes, women feel a little embarrassed to admit certain physical conditions, but you can trust your doctor to listen and take care of you. Be upfront and honest about all of your health history so your care provider can help you create the best plan for your pregnancy. If you have any difficulties at home, including physical danger or abuse, know that your physician can help you through it.

Get ready for your first visit

Consider bringing your partner to your first visit and be sure to schedule plenty of time in the office. You will have many questions, and your doctor will want to answer all of them for you. Don’t be afraid to bring a list of concerns or topics and take notes. That much information can be overwhelming, so don’t think you have to become an expert in one visit.

Build a plan for your pregnancy

You will get a comprehensive physical exam to start your prenatal healthcare, including tests like blood work, urine samples, and physical evaluations. All of this effort will help your obstetrician determine what you and your baby need to be healthy. Establishing a due date will help monitor progress and expected milestones, but keep in mind that it is more an estimate than an absolute. Most women don’t deliver exactly on their due dates, but setting one helps you know what to expect from your body in the coming months.

Be prepared for changes

You may need to make some lifestyle adjustments to give your baby a great start in life, and some of those can be hard. Your physician will be able to help you along the way with recommendations for vitamins, diet, exercise, and more. Your body will change a lot as your baby grows, and some of those changes can be unsettling, particularly if you’re not expecting them. Talk to your doctor about the kinds of changes, both physical and emotional, that you may face in the coming months. When you are prepared, big obstacles become challenges that you can overcome.

Take the right tests for you and your baby

As your pregnancy progresses, you will meet with your doctor many times to monitor your baby’s growth and development. It is absolutely fine to bring your partner along for these visits. There will be more tests along the way, some necessary and some optional, but your provider will help you determine which are right for you. If you or your partner do not know about family medical histories, extra testing can be done to evaluate your baby’s risk for certain genetic factors. Even if you do know your medical history, further testing is a good idea. Mothers over the age of 35 have some risks that younger mothers don’t, so they may need extra tests as well.

Know the dangerous symptoms to watch out for

There are few things you will want to watch out for, especially in your first trimester. These include bleeding, cramping, increased discharge or odor, difficulty urinating, fever or chills, or heavy bouncing or impact from your baby. Your obstetrician will have an on-call number for you to use at any hour of the day if you experience anything alarming. You may also have to go to an emergency room if the issue is dangerous.

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