What You Can Expect From Your First Visit To The OB/GYN

Most women do not view a visit to their OB/GYN (Obstetrics and Gynecologist) as something enjoyable even though it helps keep them healthy. Healthcare providers want young women to visit the OB/GYN when they become sexually active or when they turn 18. If you have not been to your first OB/GYN appointment yet, here are a few things that will help you know what to expect.

Your appointment starts with a conversation

Your OB/GYN will spend the first part of your visit getting to know you. They may ask you about your interests, where you are from, if you are in a relationship, or how you are feeling about your appointment. They will also ask you questions about any mental and physical health concerns you may have or any you have been experiencing recently.

The verbal exam

After your doctor has spent a short time with you, the conversation should turn to several in-depth questions they must ask. This part of the exam will help the OB/GYN give you the best possible advice and treatment. The kinds of things they will ask about include your exercise habits, sleeping patterns, mood, and energy levels. The answers to these questions help the doctor to determine how you are doing with hormone levels. If you have any issues in this area, the OB/GYN may want to refer you to a specialist.

It is important to answer any questions about your sexual activity with honesty. If you are a virgin and have never been sexually active, tell the doctor. If you have had multiple sex partners, tell the truth about your activity. Ask questions at this part of the appointment if you are interested in birth control or if you have any concerns about STDs and other conditions. You also want to mention any changes in your menstrual cycle, concerns about pain or discomfort, or irregular vaginal discharge.

The physical exam

After the verbal part of the exam is over, you will be asked to change into a medical gown after you take off your clothes. This may make you feel uncomfortable, but the physical exam should only take about 20 minutes. You should also expect the OB/GYN to ask you to sit on the exam table with your bottom on the edge and your feet up in metal holders called stirrups.

At this point, you may feel nervous and uncomfortable. When you are asked to lay back, try to relax because doing so will make it easier for the OB/GYN to examine you properly. The doctor will look at your outer genital area for abnormalities. They will use a tool called a speculum, which opens up your vagina, to do a vaginal exam.

Your healthcare provider will look at any discharge, discoloration, or abnormalities. They may want to do a pap smear if you are sexually active. This test involves the insertion of a long cotton tipped stick into your vagina to get a sample of cells. The stick is then sent to a lab to test for sexually transmitted diseases. After this, the doctor will gently pull the speculum out of your body. They may place their fingers in the vagina and press your abdomen as well. This procedure is to make sure that all your organs are in their proper places.

The breast exam

When the OB/GYN is finished with your physical exam, they will ask you to relax. The doctor will then examine your breasts. They will press gently around the area under your armpits and the entire area of each breast. What they are looking for are any abnormal lumps. The doctor will probably ask you if you know how to perform a breast examination at home. If you have any questions about this or need instruction about how to do it, they will give you the information. It is important to do a self examination once a month.

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